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There’s been a lot of talk about women in esports. For some, it’s an important issue. For others, it doesn’t matter. However, the influencers are talking about it. I talk about data behind who plays on what platform. The motivation behind why males and females play games. Plus, gaming news that matters to you!

Show Notes

  • [01:34] Starship Troopers RTS game
  • [02:21] Halo: Master Chief Collection launched
  • [03:45] Destiny 2
  • [04:33] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update
  • [07:38] Play as the Mandalorian in Battlefront 2
  • [08:35] Valve oversells Steam Controllers
  • [09:45] Women in esports and the data

Games, People, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

Episode Length: 26:23

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