This week EA/DICE released a stylized trailer for Battlefield V new map, titled “Operation Underground.” It’s a map that I personally never liked, and, always thought the original was a terrible map design. However, most of the community loves Metro. That’s why DICE are making version 3 of the map in BFV. Here’s what we know so far.

What We Know On Battlefield V New Map

Control Points are Even Spaced

This version of Metro, the points are more evenly spaced. It will hopefully lead to less of a choke point that plagued the original map. Underground, from the trailer has more paths to take to flank the enemy team. There’s a new underwater route, when, players are in the subway area. It could be a great way (when the map is new) to outflank the enemy. Only speaking from the trailers, it looks to be a much better version of the map. There looks to be sectioned in the map that differentiate the points.

However, most of the community loves Metro.

Point A seems to be fighting in the streets and apartment complexes. Point B is in the underground, where the fighting is at the heaviest. Point C is back above ground in large buildings and open parks and what looks like a capital building. It’s a stark contrast from the original. In the original Metro map, Point A and B were in the subway, giving the American side a slight advantage. Point C was the only point above ground. The problem with Metro was, the way DICE funneled everyone into point B. There were no many routes to get around it, even if Battlefield 4, added an additional route. The map felt claustrophobic. Everyone could get a massive amount of killing, but, it was never a true battlefield map. The sandbox of air, vehicle, and ground troops was gone. It was my least favorite map, but, I still have hope that this version of Metro can turn it around.


The lighting in the map seems to have improved. Even though BFV has the a problem with seeing enemy players, this map, could change all the previous problems.

Point B is in the underground, where the fighting is at the heaviest.

Seeing enemy players are one of the biggest problems in BFV. The art style and better lighting in this map, could, help make this the best map to see enemy players.


I stated before that the new flow of BFV maybe the best in all versions of the map. I will warn you that I’m only referring to a trailer, so, until it comes out. The big entrance from point A and C into point B makes it appear to be an even foot race to the middle point. DICE this time around seems to have fixed that issue that has plagued the first two versions of this map.


The future looks bright for BFV Operation Underground map. We will find out if this is the best version of Operation Metro, or, just a rehash on a popular map. What are your thoughts? Comment below!