Games You Should Play While During the COVID-19 Quarantine
March 20, 202020:2818.81 MB

Games You Should Play While During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Brett Deister
Brett Deister

In This Episode…

Gamers are ready for this quarantine. Get your coffee cups ready, because, I have a list of games you should play while quarantined. We may not have to go to work, but, working and having fun is part of working from home. Plus, new updates from Overwatch and COD MW.

Show Notes

●      [00:50] Steam gets demos                

●      [01:40] Overwatch New Character is finally here               

●      [04:08] Sam Fisher comes back to Ghost Recon       

●      [04:51] Razer is making masks… really         

●      [05:32] Horizon Zero Dawn and FOV

●      [06:10] Bethesda announced their employees will work from home.

●      [06:32] Doom Eternal does not need a deathmatch mode

●      [08:08] COD: MW Warzone is going solo

●      [09:10] New games coming to Xbox Game Pass

●      [09:53] Direct X 12 is going Ultimate

●      [10:57] NightDive is remastering two games

●      [12:03] Nvidia is postponing their announcement of new hardware

●      [12:51] Halo 2 is in testing mode

●      [13:47] Steam breaks a record

●      [14:37] Warframe conference is canceled and new update

●      [00:00] Game you should play while quarantined 

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Shadow Man

●      Sin

●      Ion Fury

●      Amid Evil

●      Command and Conquer

●      Division

●      Division 2

●      Amid Evil

●      RE7

●      RE2

●      Doom Eternal

●      Dragon Age

●      Mass Effect

●      Outer Worlds

●      Alien: Isolation

●      Battlezone

●      Battlezone 2

●      Rage 2

●      Overwatch

●      COD: MW Warzone

●      Battlefield 4,1,5

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Episode Length: 20:28

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