Doom backtracks, C&C source code and Twitch's Trust
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Doom backtracks, C&C source code and Twitch's Trust

Brett Deister
Brett Deister

In This Episode…

New games launch soon! Overwatch new skins, and customer voice their opinions, it’s a decent time to game. Twitch is just digging themselves a grave with this trust and safety committee and needs to rethink it. Find out more!

Show Notes

●      [01:04] Valorant is launching June 2nd                     

●      [01:54] PC may run Unreal Engine 5 better              

●      [03:48] Civ 6 is free on Epic Game Store                   

●      [04:40] Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam    

●      [05:51] Command and Conquer Remastered to release source code

●      [07:03] Ryzen Motherboard B550 getting PCIe 4.0

●      [08:19] Crucible has launched

●      [09:07] Doom Eternal backtracks on Denuvo

●      [10:05] System Shock 3 back on thanks to Tencent

●      [11:29] Players are getting free BFV currency

●      [12:40] Serious Sam 4 launches in a few months

●      [13:22] Overwatch Anniversary Event is live

●      [16:55] New Game+ brings 14 publishers together    

●      [17:34] Twitch Trust and Safety not going well

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Valorant

●      Command and Conquer

●      Serious Sam 4

●      Sea of Thieves

●      Unreal 5

●      Civ 6

●      AMD B550

●      Doom Eternal

●      Tencent

●      Twitch

●      Overwatch

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Episode Length: 24:24

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