Buffs, Nerfs, MW 2 Remastered, and Engrossing Games
April 03, 202026:0223.91 MB

Buffs, Nerfs, MW 2 Remastered, and Engrossing Games

Brett Deister
Brett Deister

In This Episode…

Another week of isolation and new game releases and updates. Some games are still going strong even through this pandemic. This week I talk about what games to play for the long haul and why COD MW2 Remastered is way too expensive. Enjoy!

Show Notes

●      [00:48] Developer Gearbox did not live up to its promises                

●      [02:42] Looks like there is a new Commando being developed       

●      [03:50] Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam   

●      [04:50] Starborne is in Open Beta     

●      [05:44] COD Warzone drops the ban hammer

●      [07:11] Twitch announces new features

●      [08:26] Division 2 Updates

●      [12:05] Overwatch Updates

●      [14:39] A new Soul-Like game

●      [15:55] New gaming laptops launching soon

●      [16:52] COD MW 2 Remastered

●      [19:13] Epic’s new free game

●      [19:52] April Fools and gaming

●      [21:05] My top 5ish engrossing games to play

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      COD: MW Warzone

●      COD MW 2 Remastered

●      Doom

●      Doom 2

●      Doom Eternal

●      Division 2

●      Overwatch

●      Twitch

●      Gearbox

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Episode Length: 26:02

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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